Resilience Training for corporations

At Resilie, we conduct Resilience assessments before and after coaching.
Our research data shows that the average score of participants improved significantly after our training/coaching. The data also confirmed that the average score improved after our coaching on all six subscales that make up resilience. These results demonstrate that our resilience coaching the effectively improves our clients’ resilience

Result of Resilience Assessment before and after the training

6 elemnets Pre (average) Post (average) delta
Inner Strength 17.5 20.6 3.2***
Harness Thinking 16.7 17.7 1.0***
Apply Yourself 14.4 15.8 1.4***
Nurture Connection 17.1 18.0 0.9***
Self Control 15.4 16.3 0.9***
Positive Life Habits 14.7 15.7 1.0***

Source:Japan Association of Occupational Mental Health Vol.25 No.4 2017 Vice Chair Lecture. Resilience : How to adapt to change. Kaoru Ichikawa.

Resilience Program Implementation(Example)

It is efficient and effective to provide individual resilience coaching to leaders and provide group resilience training to the rest of a company’s staff. The Resilie Institute measures the resilience of leaders and all employees before and after training to confirm the results of our training.

Feedback from Training Participants

  • I learned my resilience trends. From now on, I want to focus on my strengths.
  • I want to remember to enhance my strength and respond to changes when I feel down.
  • I learned the strengths of my subordinates that I couldn’t see before and I am confident in mentoring my subordinates.
  • Resilience Training can be used to utilize organizational stress intervention after stress check.
  • Resilience skills can be used in my psychological counselling to assist my clients to view themselves objectively through resilience assessment.
  • I realized the importance of enhancing the strengths and not trying to fix the weaknesses.
  • This training is also good as team building.
  • I wanted to learn more about “resilience”. I would also like to take a lecture from Dr. Ichikawa.
  • I felt that the resilience concept was also effective for raising children. I thought “Eating with the five senses” is good for food education.

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Resilience Training for Expatriates and their Families

We provide training for overseas employees and their families with the aim of strengthening their resilience that is useful for overseas assignments, with the unique perspective of Dr. Ichikawa, who has been working for global companies for more than 20 years.

Past Resilience Training for Japanese Expatriates overseas

Bagaluru, India 2nd time(May, 2018)
Leuven, Belgium(June, 2017)
Bucarest, Rumania(June, 2016)
Bagaluru, India 1st time(April, 2015)

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Mindfulness Training

The California Mindfulness Course (1 hour, 3 times in total) is designed to improve your concentration and performance by learning how to rest your brain, while at the same time adjusting your Autonomic Nerves System (ANS) balance. Resilie Institute’s Mindfulness Training is a scientific evidence-based method for neuroscientists studying stress relief effects under the guidance of Prof. Steve Cole at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).

Past sessions of California Mindfulness

2017/11/24 Nikkei Marunouchi Career Center, The 94th Regular seminar
2018 July The 1st California Mindfulness seminar – 3 sessions series
2018 Sep-Oct The 2nd California Mindfulness seminar – 3 sessions series
2019 Jul-Aug The 3rd California Mindfulness seminar – 3 sessions series

Mindfulness Individual Coaching

45 minutes x 6 sessions. You will learn basic mindfulness skills and 6 types of meditation techniques. You will experience measuring the effects on autonomic nerves by measuring Hear Rate Variability (HRV) with ear sensors. Includes audio files for 6 types of meditation techniques.

How to measure your ANS through ear sensor
How to measure your ANS through ear sensor

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Resilience Training for University Students

We also offer Resilience lectures for university students. We teach students to overcome unexpected difficulties and skills to maintain good physical and mental health from resilience training. This training helps them to become successful members of society when they graduate.


Keio University, Department of Policy Management 2019

Service for Individuals


Resilience Training for School Nurses and Occupational Health Nurses

We conduct resilience training for school nurses and Occupational Health Nurses regularly.


We conduct Resilience Training for Occupational Health Nurses, Industrial Physicians, Human Resources at Tokyo Occupational Health Support Center 3 times a year since 2018.
Tokyo Occupational Health Support Center

Kanagawa Prefecture School Nurse Association, Resilience Training
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Kanagawa School Nurse Association

Coaching for employees


Training in English

As the number of foreign workers in Japan increases, foreign workers will need to learn to navigate living and working abroad.
All our training can be conducted in English.

Text books

Resilience assessment is available in Japanese and English.
As the number of foreign workers in domestic companies increases, diversity and resilience are required. Resilience courses measure six resilience elements in English, and our students learn how to improve their resilience skills.

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