Training Menu / Speech Topics

The Resilie Institute offers various training in workplace behavioral health area.

Resilience Training / Lectures

  • Online course of Resilience
  • NIKKEI Marunouchi Career seminar “ Finding your resilience and nurture your heart that can bounce back ”

Mental Health at Workplace

  • Mental Health skills for managers
  • Stress management skills for employees
  • Positive thinking skills for employees
  • Managing employees coming back to work from disability leave
  • Critical Incident Stress Care at work
  • How to implement EAP
  • Behavioral risk Management at Work
  • Organizational Transition Management
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Greif Care training

Harassment Prevention

  • Harassment prevention for managers and employees
  • Harassment prevention for HR and counselors

Diversity Training

  • LGBTQ at workplace

Organizational Development / Industrial Psychology

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Work Engagement
  • Team development using MBTI
  • Leadership development using MBTI
  • Workplace mediation skills for managers