Service for Individuals

We offer services for individuals who want to experience resilience in daily life. We offer introductory courses for those who want to know resilience, those who want to know their own resilience, and those who want to incorporate resilience into their new business.
We offer private courses for busy people and group courses which are more economical.
We offer group lessons for office workers, housewives/husbands, students, new employees, and retirees.

Resilience coaching


You will become aware of your strengths through our resilience assessment.
In addition, you will acquire skills to maintain and improve strength with six sessions of coaching.


One time course
(2 hours)
・Resilience assessment
・Resilience overview
7 times course
(75 minutes ×7 times)
・Baseline Resilience Assessment
 Resilience overview
・Resilience coaching (6 sessions)
・Outcome Resilience assessment

Wellness coaching


We also offer wellness coaching to keep your body and mind healthy and lively.
“My physical check-ups result looks normal but what should I do to prevent dementia in the future?”
“What is a good diet for sports?”
“What can I do to to avoid catching colds easily?”
“How can I quit smoking?”
We will coach you so that you can achieve your goals in wellness area.
With the hope that many people can live a healthy and productive way of life, we use the GROW model and resilience model in our wellness coaching.

GROW model

GROW model