Mindfulness Retreat in Japan (2023.11.29-30)

Mindfulness Retreat in Japan to be conducted first time by Resilie Laboratory in collaboration with Senzoku Mental Clinic and Dr. Taishu Kawano of of Rinkoji Temple.
Participants will stay 1 night and 2 days in a Ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) in the 12th century capital of Japan, KAMAKURA, 40 miles outside of TOKYO.


Activiteis will be as follows.

  • Mindfulness Eating – Lunch
  • Mindfulness walk on the beach
  • Dinner: Mindfulness Eating – traditional Japanese KAISEKI dinner
  • After dinner: Mindfulness and ZEN meditation practice


Day 2:

  • Earli Morning Zen Mindfulness on the beach
  • Japanese breakfast
  • Mindfulness Walking through Ancient Capitol
  • Private Tour of Kenchoji Zen Temple


Fee: 100,000 Yen(plus 10% tax) for a single.
90,000 Yen (plus 10% tax) per person for double occupancy.
Lunch and dinner on Day 1 and breakfast on Day 2 are included.
*Oceanview Rooms
*Onsen (hot spring) available
*Tennis court and swimming pool available for fee.


English translations are provided throughout the retreat by bilingual facilitators.


Resilience-Mindfulness Retreat JAPAN