Resilie Laboratory Inc.

Based on 25 years of workplace behavioral sciences of Dr. Ichikawa, Resilie Laboratory aims to provide consultation and education to corporate leaders and employees to become resilient and to obtain optimum level of wellbeing so that they can adapt to change and thrive in challenging world.

Company name Resilie Laboratory Inc.

Suite 702, 2-33-4, Nishi-Shinbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo 105-0003  Tel:+81-3-5843-7688 Fax:+81-3-5843-7687

12 minutes walk from JR Shinbashi station
5 minutes walk from Toranomon station
8 minutes walk from Kamiyacho station
8 minutes walk from Onarimon station

Founded 9/1/2017
Our Team President Kaoru Ichikawa, Ph.d. Medicine
Board member Tooru Tsunoda, M.D
Board member Kenji Shigemori, M.D
Director Fumihiro Iinuma
Chief Researcher Yuri Miyazawa, MA
Our Business Resilience Assessment, Training, Coaching
Employees’ wellbeing / stress survey
Research in workplace behavioral sciences
EAP program design and evaluation
Recruitment (Employment Placement License Number 13 – ユ – 309927)


Resilie has exclusive copyrights of resilience tools* which are developed by Positivelives Inc. Positivelives gave permission to Resilie to support organization and individuals in enhancing resilience and work engagement and reduce mistakes.